Cal Salmon May 25, 2009

May 18th, 2009

Feedback from the Cal Salmon On May 25, 2009.

Hi Diana,

The Cal Salmon trip was excellent. It was much different that last year. Last year the water was very high and very fast so it was a thrill a minute without much time to enjoy the scenery. This year the water was lower and the flow slower with what Adam referred to as “chunky” rapids. It was very technical and challenging in its own way. In fact, you may have heard, two boats flipped over entirely and we made a couple of other saves when individuals got tossed. It was definitely memorable.

There was more time to enjoy the spectacular canyon and the company of some great folks. I was in Adam’s raft with Kim, Eric, and RJ. We worked very well together and had a super time. It was great seeing some of the guides again who went last year and meeting some new guides as well. A great group of people to spend the day on the river with. Good food and everything was handled professionally.

AO is consistent with running great trips. I think Adam convinced me to do Cherry Creek again too, if I can find the time this summer. Thanks again for offering this trip. If there is ever an exploratory run on the Feather River, let me know. I live close and would love to do the Feather with AO.

John P.
Browns Valley, CA