Kaweah 1-Day, June 17th, 2011

Here are some nice remarks from Robert C. of Fontana, CA, who did the Kaweah with five other passengers on July 17th:


Our group had a great time!  The guides were very accommodating, easy going and did everything possible to make our trip a BLAST!  The river was amazing, the scenery was awesome and the ortega burger for lunch hit the spot.  Camping at Three Rivers Hideaway was perfect, thanks for the suggestion.

We all had a great time and cant stop telling everyone who will listen all about our All Outdoors Adventure…

Thanks again for all of your help and send a thanks to all of the staff.

We will definitely raft with you guys again!

Robert & Julie

Kaweah 1-Day, June 12th, 2011

Justin and six friends rafted the Kaweah on Sunday the 12th, and had this to say:

Hi Dorothy

You will be happy to know that the group was quite happy with the trip — everyone had a great time.
The guides were great! We can’t imagine them being any better.

Feel free to send me rafting information from time-to-time. I’m sure we will be booking another trip sometime in the future.

Thanks again,


Kaweah River 1-Day Trip, June 14, 2010

Daniel Kersten and his group of 6  joined us for a Kaweah River 1-Day Trip and a little river carnage.

Hey Ian,

Everything went really well. The guide Matt was phenomenal, the food was excellent, and it was overall a great trip. Flipping over at Suicide Falls was awesome and it was a blast. If we go rafting next year we’ll probably go with AO again.


Kaweah River 1-Day Trip May 24, 2009

Feedback from a of group of 2 out of Los Angeles on the Kaweah River.

Hey Lenka,

Yea my friend took a couple swims on the trip haha. I was able to hold on for dear life surfing Suicide Falls though my friend lost his shoe on that one but he was fine.  It was a really fun river with some unexpected holes that tossed a few more people as well. Kevin our guide was pretty humorous and good spirited that we were all probably horrible paddlers. Our group definitely developed a sense of camaraderie and had us laughing and having fun the entire time. Surfing the rapid was probably one of the most exhiliarting things and I’m glad we messed up the approach b/c how many people can say they surfed a waterfall successfully lol. It’s a surprising river that even caught our guide off guard at one point. I think those little things really make the trip because if you navigate the rapids perfectly every time it just seems too easy. We definitely were able to finese some of the river and that was pretty cool as well.

I liked that the rafts all stuck together and looked out for each other. Knowing that our raft had help all around us if we needed it provided a layer of comfort. The restaurant stop was nice along the river. The variety of choices was excellent and the service pretty quick considering there were so many of us.

I’d definitely take another trip with ao again, I just wish there were more rapids closer to where I live.


Kaweah River 1-Day, May 24,2009

Feedback from the Kaweah River over Memorial Day Weekend.

Hi diane-

We had a blast!! All outdoors is by far the best company we have ever rafted with. Our guide Collin made the trip even more enjoyable!

If you need a more formal recommendation I am happy to write one, you guys are fantastic, so professional, everything was so easy and enjoyable! We will definlty go again, we want to make it a yearly trip, next year probably a 2 day up north on tualame (sorry about the spelling but I’m sure you know what river I mean).

Please keep me updated on trips, specials, etc. I will definitly give you glowing recommendations as well.

Thank you,


Kaweah River 1-Day Trip May 9, 2009

Feedback from the Kaweah River on May 9, 2009

Dear Lenka,

You folks at All Outdoors run a class operation. I am especially impressed with your concern for safety and personal attention given to each rafter. As grandparents, we worry about the safety of our little angles and your staff’s communication with us and obvious rafting experience made us much less apprehensive. My granddaughters really had a great time, they can’t stop talking about it. Karli, our most athletic one got bounced out on one of the rapids. They all thought that was pretty funny. They really liked their guide and they thought they had the best raft team. Now they want to plan a white water raft trip for the entire family. If that happens, you can be assured that we will choose All Outdoors. Great job to AO staff at
Kaweah River.


Jim & Judi S.
Norco, CA

Feedback: Kaweah River 1-Day 6-1–2008

No-so-old first timers from Burbank tackle the Kaweah River in Souther California

The trip was awesome!!!! It was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done and I’m now kicking myself for waiting so long to do it. I’ve wanted to go rafting for years and never pulled the trigger until now. I turned 50 this year and decided I better do it now or I might never be able to.

It was the first time rafting for all 5 in our group and we all said after we will definitely be doing it again. Hunter was a fantastic guide. We
all felt that he helped make the trip so enjoyable. We will be requesting him next year and we’ll probably go to whatever river he’s working.

Thanks again for a fun day,

Corby J.

Feedback: Kaweah River 5-4-2008

Caroll D of Tracy, CA who is also an AO Frequent Floater joined us on the Kaweah River with her party of 4. Here’s what Caroll had to say…

Hello Lenka,

We had a great time!!! Danny our guide was excellent. Never saw a boat wrap before and it was interesting to watch them try and try and finally succeed in getting it unwrapped. The people in that boat really had an adventure and I’m glad it was not us. Two in their boat also got to swim a little but were picked up quickly and we picked up the paddles.

The lunch was the best ever. My husband is a vegetarian and we appreciated the choices he had. Of course the weather could not have been better. Our friends said it was the best technical trip they had ever been on.

We spent the night in a cabin at the meet place. The staff was very nice and we got a discount on our room which was nice. All and all a great experience and would like to do it again but this month is booked. So we would like to do the Stanislaus if there is enough water in mid or late June.

Let us know,


Feedback: Kaweah River 5-2-2008

This little piece of feedback comes from opening day on the Kaweah River. From a gal named DJ spoiling herself for her 50th with a little birthday party on the river.

Yes the trip was wonderful. I tried my very best to look for something to complain about and found absolutely nothing.lol! The guides were great, considerate, funny and they even served our lunches. I phoned a few outfitters and I must tell you that your personal touch on the phone ie; call backs and understanding of my situation, made your company outstanding. Your guides too!

Thanks Again,


Kaweah River 1-Day Trip 5-13-2007

This feedback is from Gwen M. of Watsonville, CA. Gwen joined us on a 1-Day spring rafting trip on the Kaweah River.

Brian ,we always have a great time with you guys!!!!!

It was great to be on a new river, especially since we have wanted to do Kaweah for the past couple years but couldn’t get our act together in time! I would love to go again with higher water but we had a great time! Brad was our guide and it was great to see him again. He has never been our guide before although we have been on the same rivers. It was great to see his style and how he is similar/different from our other guides. And we had fun!

The rapids were great… what a series of back to back challenges and the technicality was fun also. A bit like Cherry Creek in all the rocks to avoid. Gorgeous country although the river doesn’t have to much time to look around until the end. We had a great time doing the rock slides. Our companions in the raft were good as well. Food yummy… very different being at a restaurant as we all slowly dripped all over the place! Swimmers… oh, yeah! We actually all went swimming in our raft at the end of Suicide Falls. I think Brad said someone took pictures of our very slow-motion, inevitable flip. We all recovered well, in fact, most of us were right next to the raft since it happened so slowly. No panicking, no problems, easy to recover from. Really makes you appreciate how just a few inches changes everything during a rapid!
Overall, TONS OF FUN!! I really don’t see how you could improve on anything. Looking forward to Tuolumne and Cherry Creek next 🙂 Gwen

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