Middle Fork American 2-Day Trip Sept 8-9, 2012

A lone traveler from Germany joined us for a 2-Day rafting trip on the Middle Fork American.

Hi all at All-Outdoors:

I just want to say thank you for two great days on the river. I just had wanted to go right back again and start it all over!!!!! Thank you for many unforgettable moments and an all in all great experience. This is a trip I would tell my grandchildren about, if I would ever have any! But as it is, my friends and family and my church and my colleagues will have to do:-)

Thank you, too, for the good advice I got from our guide, Corry (the one with the beard) about the hike I could to today. I had a wonderful day hiking up the middle fork from where it meets the North fork, about 6 miles upstream to Poverty Bar. Great suggestion. Please say thank you from me to him ūüôā

I am allready thinking about my next trip with you.

Thanks again


Middle Fork 2-Day Trip May 26, 2012

A couple from Stockton, CA joined us for a 2-Day Trip on the Middle Fork American, here is what Mary had to say about their experience.

Hi Lenka,

My boyfriend and I really enjoyed our weekend rafting trip. ¬†Our guides Seth, Nick and I think the third one was Moe, not sure her name was. ¬†Also Cory that brought all of our equipment. They were so friendly and very helpful. ¬†Excellent history lesson from Nick our main guide on our raft. ¬†Got a lot of history down the river, very interesting. ¬†They really care about our safety and the safety of others and every detail of it was explained very thoroughly on what to do incase something happens. ¬†The guides made sure we’re not cold. They made sure we got enough food. They were all excellent cooks. ¬†What made more memorable was also the hike. ¬†We loved the hike and the waterfalls. ¬†Great staff and a great adventure. ¬†It’s really worth going. ¬†I’m very happy choosing you guys. Also thank you Lenka for updating me on the weather. ¬†When I had a question you were very helpful. ¬†I would love to this again soon. ¬†I will definitely recommend you guys to my friends and family.

Thank You =) Mary G

Middle Fork 2-Day, September 3rd, 2011

Here’s some feedback from Katie S., who took a two day long trip down the Middle Fork on Saturday, September 3rd:


I had a great trip down the Middle Fork. Everything went well. The guides are always great. They are fun, but at the same time very safety conscious. The food was excellent. I have nothing but good things to say about the trip, so I don’t have any negative feedback for you.

I’d love to hear from you in the spring regarding future trips. I always enjoy my rafting trips with All-Outdoors and look forward to several more trips next year and a few more this year as well.

Katie S.

Middle Fork 1-Day, September 4th, 2011

Long-time rafter Chris K. from Cupertino, CA recently went down the Middle fork with a party of two and had some nice things to say about it:

Hi Lenka,
Just wanted to write a quick note before my hectic life takes over again. I wanted to let you, and anyone else you share this with, know that I had, yet another, fantastic trip with All-outdoors. Your organization and guides are truly the top in the business. As I pulled up, again,I was recognized by one of the guides from a previous trip I had taken. Not only does that say a lot about the guide, but a lot about All-Outdoors. They want to keep coming back. As do I. I really have to give a special thanks to our fantastic guide Anita. She worked her ass off for us (hope that’s not politically incorrect to say!) There were only 2 people in my party so we were combined with a group of four. These four people were first timers, and obviously were not aware that one has to put effort into paddling to avoid potentially dire consequences. Anita handled the situation professionally and tactfully. Most importantly she handled it safely! We all had an amazing trip and Anita worked four times as hard to make sure we did! Every trip I do with All-outdoors reminds me of why I would never try another company. You guys simply are the best! Thanks again… I am going to try and introduce my son to rafting before the season closes, so I hope to be rafting with you again soon…


Middle Fork 1-Day, August 20th, 2011

Here’s what Aaron L. from Larkspur had to say about his group’s trip down the Middle Fork on August 20th:
Hey Lenka,
Thanks for the email.  The group had an amazing day on the river, and personally I had one of the greatest days in a very long time.
I’ll be posting a Yelp review in a day or two at the most. ¬†Let me know if you guys prefer reviews to be posted directly on your website, and I’ll be happy to leave a review there as well.
All Outdoors is the best! ¬†I’ll definitely be back to raft with you guys again soon enough, and maybe even before this year’s late season is done. ¬†The real question is whether or not to give Cherry Creek a go before it stops running in two weeks, right? ¬†Our guide Kevin seemed to think my buddy Chris and I were up for the challenge, but I’m still not sure. ¬†Well, whether it’s the “T” or Cherry Creek, I’ll certainly shoot you an email about available dates and reservations should we decide to go again soon. ¬†Thanks for all of your help with this last trip, AO is really a great company.
All the best,

Middle Fork 1-Day, August 20th, 2011

Brian H. from Philadelphia recalls the good times he and his six friends had during his bachelor trip with All-Outdoors on the Middle Fork, on August 20th:

We had a great trip! The weather was good and the scenery was beautiful. We enjoyed the guides. They were all knowledgeable, energetic, and all had safety in mind. Our guide, Chris Mcmann (check last name), was a perfect fit for our bachelor group. He led us on a good trip and was fun to hang out with. I hope we didn’t give him too much ribbing. The lunch was more than I expected. It was a nice spread of fresh food and the snacks too were good. I would definitely recommend the trip to folks. Later, I will go online to complete the online survey…


Middle Fork 1-Day, August 13, 2011

Some feedback from Minh T. of Berkeley, CA, who rafted the Middle Fork on August 13th with 5 other passengers:

My group and I had an amazing trip on the Middle Fork! Thank you for your help in the arrangements.

I cannot emphasize enough how awesome our guide, Cory, was. He was very friendly and made everyone feel comfortable throughout the trip. For each rapid, he explained to us the name and background, the most likely scenarios during the rapid, and how to respond to each one. Every rapid went pretty much perfectly for us. I really appreciate how easy and safe he made the experience for my group because there were a lot of first timers. I’ve rafted the entire South Fork a couple times with friends without a guide, and I know from experience that it’s a lot harder than it looks; he made us feel safe…


Middle Fork 1-Day, August 5th / Cherry Creek 1-Day, August 7th

Chris G. from Oceanside, CA took a trip down the Middle Fork with five friends on a trip he won for free last year, and came back a couple days later for some more. Here’s what he had to say:


Firstly, I would like to thank you for being such professionals! I took two trips with you this past weekend. On Friday, Erica entertained and lead us through the Middle Fork, a trip that I’d won in a raffle last year. Thank you! My friends and I really enjoyed it very much. The Middle Fork is so beautiful!

But, the skill and professionalism displayed on the Cherry Creek trip yesterday has made me a life-long AO loyalist! I use to raft with another company, but haven’t gone back since taking a trip with you, and I don’t think I ever will. As challenging as the Cherry Creek trip is, you made it look easy. I never felt unsafe, which helped me relax (as much as possible between paddle strokes) and enjoy the experience. Truly amazing work you and your team do…

Thank you again!


Middle Fork 1-Day, July 25th, 2011

Some kind words from Steve B. of Hayward, CA, who rafted the Middle Fork with Kyland on July 25th:

Thank you, Dorothy, my wife and I had a great time, tired and found a few muscels we havn’t used in a while but we just loved it. Kyland has a great gift and talent in what he does, he was a true blessing to us and I believe a blessing to your company. Thank you again.

Middle Fork 1-Day, July 23rd, 2011

Here’s some comments from Phillip and Terri M. of¬†Santa Rosa, CA, who rafted the Middle Fork of the American River on July 23rd.

Dear Dorothy,

Terri and I had a great time with Erika, Cory, and Kelly. What a great crew. I was impressed how well they all worked together. They all had a great sense of of humor, got along well with all the guests and all ages. The unexpected delight was the knowledge and education of the crew. I like smart kids. We will be going on another AO adventure!

Best regards,

Phillip & Terri Marquand

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