North Fork Stanislaus 1-Day, July 8th, 2011

Some feedback from Mary G. and her family from Novato, CA, who rafted the North Fork of the Stanislaus on July 8th:

We LOVED the trip! It was thrilling and such a good time! The kids and I had a blast and want to say thanks for letting my younger one on the trip (he was slightly below your age limit but did terrifically well!)
The guides (Dave and Dan) were so much fun – so experienced and helpful! Their enthusiasm about the North Stanislaus was infectious!
We will be coming back FOR SURE…..just don’t know when yet 🙂

Tuolumne 1-Day, North Fork Stanislaus 1-Day, July 6 + 11, 2011

Cherie F. and her son from Pleasanton, CA rafted the Tuolumne and the North Fork of the Stanislaus on the 6th and 11th and had some very enthusiastic feedback!

Hi Ian:

Our trip on the Tuolumne was the best rafting experience that I have ever had. I have done a total of about 12 rafting trips in CO, MT, & ID & CA with several companies, always seeking the best reputation. I have never had a guide that I had more confidence in than Adam. He was extremely competent & professional, with an exceptional personality. Adam was excellent with my son & Dylan is now interested in doing river rafting guide school in the future in Walnut Creek. Brad was a blast to raft with, also very competent. Drew was also a very positive addition to this trip & we look forward to the opportunity to raft with him in the future. The food was excellent on this trip & Nunie’s brownies were to die for. I would give this trip, a score of 10 out of 10. There was nothing in any way that was negative. This company apparently hires & trains extremely well & we will not be rafting with anyone else except AO in the future on the rivers that AO runs. I have also given this companies name to the many friends that have asked how our experience was.

Our guides Dave & ( I can’t believe that I forgot his name) that we rafted with on the North Fork of the Stan were also excellent. This was another highly positive & great experience for my son & I.


North Fork Stanislaus 1-Day on May 29th, 2011

Here is some feedback from Jeff C. of Cupertino, CA, who did the North Fork of the Stanislaus on May 29th:

Hi Lenka,

I really enjoyed my trip down the North Stan. And yes, it was very, very cold. My car said it was 38 degrees when I arrived at the meet site in the morning, and there was fresh snow on the branches of the trees from the night before. Brrrr.

The rapids were great fun, very technical and exciting. I thought both guides did a fine job and I know that the three of us with Ryan had a great time! He is an excellent guide, knows the river well, and gave very clear instructions/commands. Kelly’s boat had a few issues but I think that was due to the paddlers in her boat and not a reflection of her skill as a guide. Besides, it made for interesting watching as they got stuck a few times and almost flipped once. LOL But I would not hesitate to do that trip again with either of them!

I hope to join AO on another trip later this summer. I believe my next day on the river is free. 🙂 I’m hoping for the Tuolumne perhaps, based on some discussions and feedback from another rafter in my boat.

This trip was really fun and I would recommend AO to anyone that wants to go rafting.

Hope to see you on the river someday.


North Fork Stanislaus 1-Day, May 20th, 2011

Anan S. and a friend went on the North Fork of the Stanislaus on Friday, May 20th, 2011. They came all the way from Clarksburg, Maryland to enjoy an AO trip, and got back to us with these remarks:

Hi Jeremy,

Our trip was incredible and Ryan and Dave made the trip so unforgettable. Both of them were so incredibly kind in every way and made the trip for us. Your team of professionals were so nice and cordial and we would do this trip over again just to be in their company, let alone the amazing river. We are so grateful to everyone with All-Outdoors California Rafting.

Sincerely yours,

Feedback: North Fork Stanislaus 5-3-2008

Recent feedback from the North Fork Stanislaus (Class IV+) near Calaveras Big Tree State Park.

Hi Lenka!

Thanks for checking in! We had a blast. Some feedback as requested:

1) Weather was just right
2) River seemed just right too, bummer that a log stopped us from
experiencing the first rapid “Beginner’s Luck” and we had to walk
around it
3) Lunch was delicious as always
4) My sister fell in but was rescued in three seconds flat so that was fine

Overall we felt ready for the next challenge! We’re thinking about
Cherry Creek if not the Tuolome next (depending on who we can get
interested and comfort levels). Cherry only requires four rafters
right? Do you ever split a group of 6 as 3 and 3 for that trip? We
know that there’s a swim test. Is my next one or the following the
free one?

Milpitas, CA

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