Tom Sawyer Float Trip August 22-23, 2009

Feedback from a customized Tom Sawyer Family Float Trip on the South Fork American.

HI Gregg,

What a wonderful trip!!! We enjoyed everything from the fresh fruit, chips,,,,to dinner!! The guides were very knowledgeable and were great with the kids. That was very important that they were very patient and really kept them involved.Kept telling them exactly what was coming up, what to expect, when they could jump into the water. I have to say when we come back again we will ask for them by name.

The husbands were with Erin and with her physics and math background, the men had a great time picking her brains. 2 of the fathers are doctors so they enjoyed talking with her. Mason was just awesome to have as a guide. He would always ask the kids if they wanted to try another maneuver or trick down the rapids.

The only one that I would say no to again was the one he called the Boogie Woogie dance. Something like that, we sat on the bottom of the raft and when we went down the little rapid we got absolutely soaked!!! It was very fun for the kids to see the moms with our mouths open and screaming how cold the water was.

We could not have asked for a better weekend. The little guys did very well. They had sad faces when we first took off without them. I did give my girlfriend a bottle of wine to say thanks for watching the kids, b/c she missed out on the fun rapids. The float was ok. too bad they can’t do a little more advance rapids, but they didn’t complain b/c they didn’t know what they were missing. The 3 little ones were great troopers, they had the most fun when it came to the camping and tents etc….s’mores, sleeping in dirty clothes. They loved it all.

Thank you again for taking the time to work with us and planning it all out!! I think the thing i liked the most about your company was that when i first inquired it was through the e-mail, and i think it was Thereasa who called me back to follow up. If i hadn’t received a message back i never would have called. As it was, i was just calling to say thank you for responding. I am from the old age of pre-computers and sometimes it is frustrating to feel that all communication now a days is through the Internet. I always would prefer to speak to somebody. So, that is a thumbs up for your company and we can tell that the guides enjoy working for you and your family. They only had nice things to say about you and your family run business. Being
a small business owner ourselves, we will always support that.

So, thank you thank you thank you. The kids are already asking to plan our next trip!! I am sure you will hear from us soon.

take care,

Sharon Liebl

Tom Sawyer Float Trip July 14, 2009

Feedback from a vacationing family who joined us on the South Fork American river for our Tom Sawyer Family Float trip.


One word that would summarize our trip with AO would be AWESOME! Everything was awesome. Dan was so good with our kids and was very knowledgable about the river and the surrounding areas. The food was fabulous. We had an absolute blast. We are all in agreement that, among all of the stuff we did on our 10 day vacation, the river rafting was our favorite! We probably wont make it back up to the river next year, but next time we are in the area, we will definitely give you guys a call to do it all again. We can’t wait for our baby to be old enough to go with us and our other kids to be old enough to do the higher class rapids! Thanks for a wonderful trip. You should know you have a real gem in Dan.

Thanks again,

Tom Sawyer Float Trip July 26, 2009

Feedback from a family rafting trip (Granny, Poppy and their 3 grand daughters) on the Tom Sawyer section of the South Fork American.

Hi Gregg,

We were so glad to have the opportunity to raft with All Outdoors, after our 30 year break from rafting!!!

We had the time of our lives on our Tom Sawyer Float Trip (July 26, 2009)! As you know, we were sure our 5 year old granddaughter would have a great time, but we were a little concerned about our 9 and 11 year old granddaughters having enough of a thrill. Not to worry….all 5 of us had a ball!

Our guides Annie and Erin were terrific and kept us on the move with kayaks, inner tubes, blackberries and foolin’ around. The day was varied and, for our first-timers, the rapids were exciting. So what if our 11 year old and I went through Barking Dog backward and paused on a rock in our bright blue kayak where everyone on the river could see us….we were stroking in unison!

We believe there was one special reason for our fabulous day…Erin! She made it happen for us from the moment little Nicole maneuvered to sit next to her on the bus…it was that instant. Her love of kids and of the river carried the day. Each invention was more fun than the last…even the cookies and that wasn’t even on the water. She is amazing!

Our thanks to Annie and Erin and your crew, and our congratulations on providing such a great program.

Jane and Roger Emanuel (alias Granny and Poppy)
Nicole (5), Naomi (9) and Natalie (11) Jenkins

Feedback: Tom Sawyer Float Trip 8-17-2008

According to my children, it was the best trip they’ve ever had! (And my husband concurs!) The guides, Mason & Lindsey, were awesome, the food was terrific, rafting was REALLY fun, the blackberries were really good, the river was scenic and the only thing that would have made it better was if their mom could have gone (aaahhhh! 🙂

Thanks so much to AO Rafting! We’ll definitely come back the next time we go rafting up there!

Lori G.
Santa Clarita, CA

Feedback: Tom Sawyer Float Trip 6-22-2008

A family rafting trip on a Tom Sawyer Float Trip down the South Fork American River with Kelsey the peanut.

Hey David,

We had a great trip! Lunch was good (lot’s of options!) and our 5 year old loved both the squirt gun and the swimming. Our guide, Brook
(Brooke? Johnson I think) was friggin’ awesome. She was really attentive and natural with Kelsey, had great stories to share and was
supremely accurate rowing us around the rocks and into the sweet spots of the rapids. No doubt, you have a gem there.

I don’t think that we can get past Class II for a couple of years as Kelsey is still a peanut. But we may well be back when she is big enough. Time is a Class V run with a kid, so it won’t feel long.

Joshua Greenberg

Feedback: Tom Sawyar Float Trip 6-19-2008

Feedback from a Tom Sawyer Float Trip on the South Fork American River.

We had a great time. My husband (who had never been rafting before) said the trip was perfect. The guide was great–good at guiding the raft, giving instructions to those on the inflatable kayak, and fun for the kids.

The food and facilities were great.

We had a great time…thanks.


Tom Sawyer 1-day Float Trip, 8-29-2007

Feedback from a combined two-day on the South Fork American.. 1-Day on a Tom Sawyer Float Trip and the other on a 1-Day Express in August of 2007.

We had a wonderful experience both days. The guide Paul was awsome!!! Hunter was great.  We were very well taken care of.  The whole team including the wonderful driver Roy was very very positive. They were nice, accommodating, flexible and fun. Paul had the kids act as a guide when we got to the lower section and they had a blast!!!

Our visiting family is now back in Lebanon and they had a wonderful time rafting. Hunter took my daughter and I in his raft when she got scared and that made great difference to her.  Please feel free to call us next year. We will highly recommend your company.

Please pass out thanks to Paul, Hunter and Roy.
We will request them next year.
Thank you all!!.

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