Feedback from this Year’s Most Frequent Floater

September 3rd, 2010

Harry Cardinale from New Jersey did 5 rafting trips with us this year!

  • South Fork Lower 1-Day
  • Tuolumne 1-Day
  • Another South Fork Lower 1-Day
  • Middle Fork 1-Day
  • and a South Fork Upper 1-Day

Here is what Harry had to say about his experiences…

Hola Claudette/ Diane/ Roxanne!!!!!!!!!!!!

Estupendo, Electrificante …………… Exhilarating are the words which comprise the distilled description of my epic rafting with AO this August!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The S. Fork American [upper and lower], the M. Fork American and the Tuolumne Rivers provided the endorphin rush that makes one feel truly ALIVE. [ even a cave diver, sky diver and Muay Thai kickboxer]
The white water, mountains, gorges and the pristine forests are majestic and really defy description.

Kudos and accolades to NOAH, CHARLES, MASON, “HORSE” and especially GREG [aka UNCLE DUNKEL]. It was a pleasure to meet Scott Armstrong and to thank him personally for recommending the kayak adventure and to tell him in person what a dedicated, personable and highly skilled team he has at AO. It also afforded the opportunity to reaffirm something he already knew- Uncle Dunkel is the MAN, the river guide’s river guide!!!

Will be back in the spring and request your assistance in providing the scheduling of the Tuolumne, North Fork American, North Stan, Middle Fork American and possibly the Merced.

Thanks again,

PS: You may elect to forward this email to the “gang”, especially Scott and Greg.