Feedback: North Fork Stanislaus 5-3-2008

May 8th, 2008

Recent feedback from the North Fork Stanislaus (Class IV+) near Calaveras Big Tree State Park.

Hi Lenka!

Thanks for checking in! We had a blast. Some feedback as requested:

1) Weather was just right
2) River seemed just right too, bummer that a log stopped us from
experiencing the first rapid “Beginner’s Luck” and we had to walk
around it
3) Lunch was delicious as always
4) My sister fell in but was rescued in three seconds flat so that was fine

Overall we felt ready for the next challenge! We’re thinking about
Cherry Creek if not the Tuolome next (depending on who we can get
interested and comfort levels). Cherry only requires four rafters
right? Do you ever split a group of 6 as 3 and 3 for that trip? We
know that there’s a swim test. Is my next one or the following the
free one?

Milpitas, CA