Feedback: Tom Sawyer Float Trip 6-22-2008

July 8th, 2008

A family rafting trip on a Tom Sawyer Float Trip down the South Fork American River with Kelsey the peanut.

Hey David,

We had a great trip! Lunch was good (lot’s of options!) and our 5 year old loved both the squirt gun and the swimming. Our guide, Brook
(Brooke? Johnson I think) was friggin’ awesome. She was really attentive and natural with Kelsey, had great stories to share and was
supremely accurate rowing us around the rocks and into the sweet spots of the rapids. No doubt, you have a gem there.

I don’t think that we can get past Class II for a couple of years as Kelsey is still a peanut. But we may well be back when she is big enough. Time is a Class V run with a kid, so it won’t feel long.

Joshua Greenberg