Kaweah River 1-Day Trip 5-13-2007

February 20th, 2008

This feedback is from Gwen M. of Watsonville, CA. Gwen joined us on a 1-Day spring rafting trip on the Kaweah River.

Brian ,we always have a great time with you guys!!!!!

It was great to be on a new river, especially since we have wanted to do Kaweah for the past couple years but couldn’t get our act together in time! I would love to go again with higher water but we had a great time! Brad was our guide and it was great to see him again. He has never been our guide before although we have been on the same rivers. It was great to see his style and how he is similar/different from our other guides. And we had fun!

The rapids were great… what a series of back to back challenges and the technicality was fun also. A bit like Cherry Creek in all the rocks to avoid. Gorgeous country although the river doesn’t have to much time to look around until the end. We had a great time doing the rock slides. Our companions in the raft were good as well. Food yummy… very different being at a restaurant as we all slowly dripped all over the place! Swimmers… oh, yeah! We actually all went swimming in our raft at the end of Suicide Falls. I think Brad said someone took pictures of our very slow-motion, inevitable flip. We all recovered well, in fact, most of us were right next to the raft since it happened so slowly. No panicking, no problems, easy to recover from. Really makes you appreciate how just a few inches changes everything during a rapid!
Overall, TONS OF FUN!! I really don’t see how you could improve on anything. Looking forward to Tuolumne and Cherry Creek next 🙂 Gwen