Kaweah River 1-Day Trip May 24, 2009

June 18th, 2009

Feedback from a of group of 2 out of Los Angeles on the Kaweah River.

Hey Lenka,

Yea my friend took a couple swims on the trip haha. I was able to hold on for dear life surfing Suicide Falls though my friend lost his shoe on that one but he was fine.  It was a really fun river with some unexpected holes that tossed a few more people as well. Kevin our guide was pretty humorous and good spirited that we were all probably horrible paddlers. Our group definitely developed a sense of camaraderie and had us laughing and having fun the entire time. Surfing the rapid was probably one of the most exhiliarting things and I’m glad we messed up the approach b/c how many people can say they surfed a waterfall successfully lol. It’s a surprising river that even caught our guide off guard at one point. I think those little things really make the trip because if you navigate the rapids perfectly every time it just seems too easy. We definitely were able to finese some of the river and that was pretty cool as well.

I liked that the rafts all stuck together and looked out for each other. Knowing that our raft had help all around us if we needed it provided a layer of comfort. The restaurant stop was nice along the river. The variety of choices was excellent and the service pretty quick considering there were so many of us.

I’d definitely take another trip with ao again, I just wish there were more rapids closer to where I live.