Merced River 1-Day June 13, 2009

July 16th, 2009

Feedback from a Merced 1-Day Trip on June 13, 2009


We all had a fantastic time. We laughed continuously throughout the day both together and at each other whenever one of us got particularly soaked. The food as always was great, plenty of fruit and water and those salmon wraps were a welcome surprise for a pescatarian like myself – ordinarily I make a cheese sandwhich since I don’t eat meat but since there was fish this time, I got protein for lunch!

Joe Marshall was a splendid guide: the perfect combination of humor and focused energy. I’ve rafted with guides who were either clowning around too much that I felt unsafe or were too serious that I didn’t have as much fun on the water. And I always appreciate it when the guide emphasizes teamwork and reminds everyone to paddle as one by following the lead of those sitting in the front and Joe didn’t miss a beat during his safety talk; this call for teamwork is one of the main things I want to hear from a guide and wait to see him/her implement whenever I go rafting. We all look forward to rafting with him again in the future.

Thank you for your help planning and booking the trip for us, Roxanne! We will definitely raft with AO again.