Middle Fork 2-Day Trip May 26, 2012

June 5th, 2012

A couple from Stockton, CA joined us for a 2-Day Trip on the Middle Fork American, here is what Mary had to say about their experience.

Hi Lenka,

My boyfriend and I really enjoyed our weekend rafting trip.  Our guides Seth, Nick and I think the third one was Moe, not sure her name was.  Also Cory that brought all of our equipment. They were so friendly and very helpful.  Excellent history lesson from Nick our main guide on our raft.  Got a lot of history down the river, very interesting.  They really care about our safety and the safety of others and every detail of it was explained very thoroughly on what to do incase something happens.  The guides made sure we’re not cold. They made sure we got enough food. They were all excellent cooks.  What made more memorable was also the hike.  We loved the hike and the waterfalls.  Great staff and a great adventure.  It’s really worth going.  I’m very happy choosing you guys. Also thank you Lenka for updating me on the weather.  When I had a question you were very helpful.  I would love to this again soon.  I will definitely recommend you guys to my friends and family.

Thank You =) Mary G