North Fork Stanislaus 1-Day on May 29th, 2011

June 3rd, 2011

Here is some feedback from Jeff C. of Cupertino, CA, who did the North Fork of the Stanislaus on May 29th:

Hi Lenka,

I really enjoyed my trip down the North Stan. And yes, it was very, very cold. My car said it was 38 degrees when I arrived at the meet site in the morning, and there was fresh snow on the branches of the trees from the night before. Brrrr.

The rapids were great fun, very technical and exciting. I thought both guides did a fine job and I know that the three of us with Ryan had a great time! He is an excellent guide, knows the river well, and gave very clear instructions/commands. Kelly’s boat had a few issues but I think that was due to the paddlers in her boat and not a reflection of her skill as a guide. Besides, it made for interesting watching as they got stuck a few times and almost flipped once. LOL But I would not hesitate to do that trip again with either of them!

I hope to join AO on another trip later this summer. I believe my next day on the river is free. 🙂 I’m hoping for the Tuolumne perhaps, based on some discussions and feedback from another rafter in my boat.

This trip was really fun and I would recommend AO to anyone that wants to go rafting.

Hope to see you on the river someday.