South Fork Middle Fork Combo, June 14, 2012

June 18th, 2012

A family vacationing from Burbank, CA had great things to say about their South Fork / Middle Fork Combo 2-Day trip….

We had an incredible vacation. Perfect 2-day trip starting off on the South Fork of the American River then transitioning up to the Middle Fork. The fact you can get fresh, juicy, sweet fruit up the river for lunch was impressive. The variety and quality of food for all the meals was excellent.

We especially want to comment on our guide for the Middle Fork, Mark. We absolutely LOVED him. We were all a bit hesitant in taking this more advanced ride but Mark’s demeanor is so calming and made us
believe we had complete control over our boat. That confidence got us through the day without a single “incident” which my concern for my two kids who have never done any rafting.

Thanks again for accommodating us on such short notice.